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Thanks so much for doing such a great job - you really crafted and honed it. Awesomazing - it's my new word for you.


SOPHIA!!!! ALVARO HERE! tell you YOUR WORK is amazing! Congratulations to you on another super excellent show! Your work is amazing! Thanks so much again! Let's hope our paths do cross again... somewhere out there is the world.



What a remarkable woman - I am simply gobsmacked at her talent. And I commend the "Colour in your Life program" - tightly scripted in such a gentle conversation - and extremely well produced. . . . my admiration to you. . . .


Hi Sophia,

I just wanted to thank you for your professional approach and how impressed I was on seeing the final production on You Tube.

Your editing work was fantastic – so seamless that the big changes in the painting as it progressed were barely noticeable. So… my thanks.

There has been quite a response and my emails from people all around the world have jumped enormously with a huge upturn in the

sales of my teaching DVDs.


Hi Sophia,

I wanted to thank you personally for my episode on Colour in your Life.

The quality of the production is fantastic. You are awesome and I am thrilled. Its been a great pleasure achieving such a professional and engaging result.

Deeply grateful


Hello Beautiful Lady,

I have to say as usual you have done a brilliant job. Thank you so much.

You are such a brilliant lady in all that you do. You must do because you made me look good! Congratulations! 

Keep up the good work

Much love from me


Hi Sophia

You have done a great job on the editing and the programme captures well the essence of what I strive to do.  Once again, sincere thanks for your efforts on my behalf to produce a great outcome. It really has been a joyful experience  working with you.

Kindest regards and all our love

Mike Harold


Hi Sophia

I would just like to thank you for such a wonderful

day last Wednesday.  Your abilities to create a calm atmosphere makes the

process of filming seem more relaxing to those who are not use to it.





Good Morning Sophia

What a tremendous film about my Paintings , higher than my expectations .

I have to say to all the teem at Colour in Your Life a well done presentation within

an excellent program of Art/Films .

Every body this side ( Western Australia ) were very excited to see Colour in Your Life , yesterday

on TV.  I contact all my friends ( in Australia , Portugal , London , Mozambique , France , etc ) They Love it 

Thanks again



Hello Sophia

How can I thank you for all of this magic! It is superb! Absolutely superb! Sophia you have woven the magic so beautifully and seamlessly. The lighting, the transitions, the scrolling, the sections, skilful camerawork and exceptional editing! Wow - I am going to dash back to see it again 

It's an absolutely fabulous and creative episode you have honed to perfection:


It has everything I could have wished for - and so much more! I can see your creativity and your amazing eye

and heart have come into this footage. It is clear to see how you have the incredible ability to be in 'design mode'

and 'future visionary' mode as you are preparing to film, during filming and directing - all to ensure you get what

you need to bring the best out of every episode.


I am particular - but I wanted to say that this is the very first time I have ever had anything created by someone

else that I have been able to think - Wow! This covers everything, flows seamlessly, elegantly, with the right

balance of information and intrigue. It is a story - a portrait of the artist, her life, her work, her person and all she



Thank you my dear friend. You are a shining stars!


I love being on this exciting journey with you!

Love, big hugs and thank you to you both!





When I first thought about being on the show I had some reservations about being on camera and working with people I didn’t know. The experience couldn’t have been better! Not only was it professionally orchestrated it was actually fun! Graeme and Sophia are like old friends you haven’t seen in a few years. Sophia is amazing! I have friends who live in the video production world and when I tell them the “crew” consisted of one person running 3 cameras... and then she went back and produced the final product they are amazed! The greatest endorsement I can give anything is... would I do it a gain? Hell yes!!!


May i say, my, my, my

what great editing you did! Seriously, really well done! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You made me look great.

Thanks again for all of your hard work.



 I was very impressed with the level of professionalism that Sophia exhibited. I was initially very nervous about being filmed for CIYL. Part of being a successful cinematographer is being able to balance technical skill with people management, and Sophia was certainly able to do both. She made me feel extremely comfortable during the filming process, something that I believe not that many cinematographers would have been able to do. Additionally, her knowledge of film and editing techniques were very admirable. Her use of Mise en Scene and other cinematographic techniques, namely lighting and camera shots were just magnificent. Her transitions between shots and application of music worked well to convey meaning in a way which was both logical and emotional. I would definitely make use of her talents again if I was to look into having more promotional work created in future. She has such a loveable nature and I would be hard pressed to find a better cinematographer and editor.


Thank you so much Sophia, you did such a fantastic job on my episode sweetie! I can never thank you enough. The praises I am getting for the show is just brilliant. People from all over Australia are interested in having me come visit  for demonstration work. This is only because of your hard work that has gone into putting the film together. You did such a brilliant job!  I will always cherish your beauty and your precious friendship sweetheart! Thank you so much for everything! 

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